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Infinite Innovations
Infynno is primarily a startup-focused website and mobile application development firm dedicated to providing the best web development services on demand. We assist you in transforming your business by developing digital products with fresh concepts and eye-catching designs. We use the most up-to-date and well-proven methodologies and tools to produce an aesthetically beautiful and completely functional website or mobile application.

Expert team of Web Applications

Laravel | ReactJs | NodeJs | AWS
Infynno recommends adopting a PHP-based Laravel framework for most types of applications or ReactJs and NodeJs. Our team has extensive knowledge in the field of web development and its methodologies. Using the React, NodeJs, and Laravel framework enables us to offer Prime Services and accomplish all the exceeding expectations of our clients. Furthermore, our team uses the latest development patterns for web applications.

Our professionalism integrates personalization. We prioritize understanding and analyzing the business needs and online goals of the client. Our careful analysis helps in customizing our assistance and obtaining a solution that uniquely meets the demands and budget of the projects. We transform vision to value.

Company Chronology

  • 2017


    for a new beginning

    Aspiration to start a company that believes in infinite innovations and delivers the business to be digitally beautiful. Strived hard on countless nights and weekends while working on weekdays to make this dream come true.

  • 2018


    of the Company

    Infynno started with its first-ever office premises with the commitment of giving the very best web development services on requests.

  • 2019


    of professional recognition

    By working on some great projects, we accomplished much recognition and also moved to a new building.

  • 2020


    journey throughout

    We strived hard unitedly as a team during the global pandemic and kept performing without any termination and delay in payrolls and payments.

  • 2021

    A Company

    of employees and customers

    Completing projects one after another made us climb a step higher to shift into a new office with more space and accomplishing a team of 15 employees and numerous contented customers.

  • 2022



    The goal for owning a more spacious office with added amenities is all set. Increasing our employee strength to fifty and also working in the same environment as before but advancing the technologies.

  • 2023

    Infynno Owned Office

    Headquarter @ India

    This strategic move signifies our commitment to growth and excellence in serving our clients while providing our team with a dynamic and supportive work environment.

  • 2024


    team and technology stacks

    Expanding team and a number of other service areas.

Process We Follow

Our Expertise Speaks

Laravel 94%
React 95%
Node JS 92%
Vue JS 86%
MongoDB 88%
Next JS 93%
AWS 93%
MySQL 97%
UI/UX 90%
GraphQL 85%






Satisfied Customers


Satisfied Customers




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