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Laravel is free, highly used, open-source PHP web framework used for web application development. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. The advantage of using a framework is to replace repetitive coding tasks. Laravel incorporates common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching, so it aids rapid development. Developers working on below features.

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Architecture Concepts

Request Lifecycle, Service Container, Service Providers, Facades, Contracts.

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The Basics of Laravel

Routing, Middleware, CSRF Protection, Controllers, Requests, Responses, Views, URL Generation, Session, Validation, Error Handling, Logging.

Frontend System

Blade Templates, Localization, Frontend Scaffolding, Compiling Assets, View Composer, File Storage and VueJs support.

Security Concepts Of Laravel

Authentication, API Authentication, Authorization, Email Verification, Encryption, Hashing, Password Reset.

Digging Deeper With More Features

Artisan Console, Broadcasting, Caching, Collections, Websockets, Events, File Storage, Helpers, Mail, Notifications, Package Development, Queues, Task Scheduling

Database & Eloquent ORM

Getting Started, Query Builder, Pagination, Migrations, Seeding, Redis, Getting Started, Relationships, Collections, Mutators, API Resources, Serialization.

Testing & Official Packages

Getting Started, HTTP Tests, Console Tests, Browser Tests, Database, Mocking, Cashier, Envoy, Horizon, Passport, Scout, Socialite

REST APIs & Payment Gateways

JWT Authentication, Passport API, Secure CSRF APIs, Paypal, PayU Money, Authorize.Net, Stripe, RazorPay and others.

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