1. Laravel Vapor Compatibility

In general, Laravel vapor is an auto-scaling and flexible deployment platform powered by Amazon Web Services which is the new feature supported by the Laravel 6.0 Framework. Users can scale up or scale down their requirements with zero server maintenance. Vapor hides the backend complexity of Laravel web applications on AWS Lambda service. Moreover, the Laravel vapor interconnecting the web application with Redis clusters, CloudFront CDN and SQS queues, etc. Additionally, Laravel vapor platform is used to create, scale, restore and even for the management of serverless databases with the help of vapor’s intuitive dashboard. With the help of Laravel vapor users can directly and seamlessly upload their files to S3 via Vapor’s build-in JavaScript utilities.

2. Semantic Versioning

SemVer is also referred to semantic versioning which is a helper library for PHP which supports some of the properties such as parsing, comparison, and increments. Laravel 6.0 framework follows standards of semantic versioning. This feature is incorporated with the purpose of making the Laravel 6.0 framework consistent with other Laravel packages that already support followed the semantic versioning standards.

3. Laravel User Interface (UI)

The frontend or user interface of the Laravel 6.0 framework is extracted into Laravel/UI composer packages. With the help of newly introduced UI, users can separately develop applications from the primary framework. In the default framework, there is no bootstrap or Vue code present which ultimately improves the performance and efficiency of the web application. If users want to restore the bootstrap scaffolding that is present in the previously released versions of Laravel then they need to install Laravel/UI package and artisan commands to install the front-end interface.

4. Job Middleware

Laravel 6.0 PHP framework support Job Middleware feature, as it allows the users to wrap up the custom logics around the execution of serially aligned tasks which ultimately reduces the tasks themselves and improves the efficiency.

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5. Eloquent Subquery Enhancements

Laravel 6.0 framework introduces Eloquent Subquery Enhancements which improves the database subquery support. It is an object-relational mapping, as Laravel 6.0 framework supports eloquent Subquery Enhancements that includes a simple PHP active record implementation. It lets the web application developers issue database queries with PHP syntax rather than writing an entire SQL code.

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Now, we can use new subquery features like this.

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6. Improved Authorization Responses

In the existing versions of Laravel, it is quite difficult for the end-users to retrieve the custom authorization messages. Therefore, in order to retrieve the customer authorization message new feature of introduced in the latest version of Laravel 6.0 framework. With the help of Improved Authorization, Responses feature it becomes easier for the users to exactly explain why your request is denied.

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We can easily retrieve response and message using the method Gate::inspect

7. Lazy Collections

The lazy collection is the new and advanced feature which is introduced in Laravel 6.0 PHP framework. This feature allows the PHP generators to work with a large number of datasets while keeping the usage of money low.


Laravel 6.0 is a PHP framework which is used to build web-based applications. The latest version 6.0 is incorporated with a number of latest features such as Laravel vapor compatibility, semantic visioning, job middleware, lazy collections, eloquent sub-query enhancements, Laravel users interface, etc. The Laravel 6.0 will be coming out on 3rd September 2019 with latest and unique features. Further, bug fixes and security fixes will be coming out on 3rd September 2021 and 3rd September 2022.