Yes, It’s good approach to build Social networking App in React. The React Social Network is an open-source project relying on React. React is a powerful javascript library for building the user interface. It’s fast and scalable. Facebook is the biggest example of react social media app.

Let’s take a walk down to the technology space before 2015 when web development was all about scripting and rendering. The time when languages like HTML, CSS ruled the frontend, and PHP ruled the backend but what we didn’t see coming is the revolution of websites after Javascript libraries like Reactjs.

Why use React? – React usage top 10 benefits

1. It’s Easier to Learn for developers

2. React enables developers to reuse components

3. It provides a unique Abstraction Layer

4. It’s well established with a vibrant ecosystem of Developer tools

5. In the event that you have been utilizing at least one person to a personal communication application, at that point you realize you’re rehashing a similar arrangement of activities in various conditions of the application. In the event that I endeavor to brief the most well-known use of long-range informal communication application, it will be Like-Unlike photographs, it will be Like-Unlike photos, uploading photos and videos and chatting.

6. ReactJS changed the dynamics of web advancement and raised the desires for clients from a web application. That’s the reason, Why Should You Develop Your Next Social Networking App in React?

7. Rapid Development: If you can’t introduce a new version of the app every month, you won’t stand a chance among your competitors. Therefore, rapid development is what you need with your social networking app goals.

8. Unparalleled Scalability

9. Better User Experience

10. Search Indexing

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